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Raw sewage polluted this Black community. Now residents are fighting back.

“Raw sewage pools in yards, bubbles out of manholes … and backs up into tubs, toilets, and sinks,” according to a lawsuit filed by residents of Cahokia Heights, Illinois. Bobby and Sharon Smith haven’t flushed their toilet normally in more than a year. On heavy rainfall days, floodwaters encroach on the modest home they’ve owned […]

U.S. says people should wait 8 months before a 3rd vaccine dose. But some aren’t holding off.

“I felt I needed to be as protected as I could,” said one person who got an early booster shot. Kris Fredrick, an engineer at a television station in Amarillo, Texas, felt relieved when he got a second dose of the Moderna vaccine Feb. 1. But when the delta variant of the coronavirus started to […]

In Louisville, Kentucky, homicides go unsolved as number of killings climbs

With 125 killings, the city is in danger of breaking its homicide record for a second straight year, as about 65 percent of slayings go unsolved. Homicides — particularly deadly shootings — have piled up with no clear end in sight. The city had reported 125 homicides as of Sunday and is in danger of […]